Update: Marian murals at the Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph

Back in February, I visited the Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph in Brooklyn for week 5 of this project. With the Cathedral Basilica of St. James in Downtown Brooklyn it is one of the two seats of the bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, which includes Queens. From 2012 to 2014, about the time it became the co-cathedral, it was beautifully restored. Part of the restoration included the installation of a number of impressive murals throughout the cathedral. Among these are 20 Marian murals in the rondels in the vaults over the arcades on either side of the nave. These murals represent the Virgin Mary as she is portrayed in various countries around the world, a tribute to the immigrant heritage of the Diocese of Brooklyn. On my previous visit I was able to get photos of 18 of the 20 Marian murals. The other two were over parts of the chancel and may have been roped or gated off — at any rate, I didn’t feel comfortable going in the space immediately beneath them, so I couldn’t get decent photos. Last night I attended an event at the co-cathedral, which gave me the opportunity finally to photograph the last two. And here they are:

I have updated my table of the 20 Marian murals at the Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph with photos of these two murals. Here are all 20 together:

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