My latest work

A week ago Monday, The United States Conference of Mayors (USCM) concluded its 83rd Annual Meeting in San Francisco. By all accounts, it was a successful meeting that garnered considerable attention in the national media as the nation's mayors pushed forward their agenda to make America's cities better places to live and economically competitive with their global … Continue reading My latest work

A major economic report—and my small role in its release

Last Friday, The United States Conference of Mayors issued a major economic report on the contributions of urban areas to the national economy—and I got to play a small but important role in its release.

Does America need its states?

The United States is naturally organized economically, culturally, and historically around cities and metro areas, yet politically it's organized into states. When 90% of the national economy is in urban areas, do states' anti-urban policies work to the detriment of the national and, ironically, state economies?