North America’s spectacular skylines: a 23-city time lapse

For all of their problems and failures, North America really does have some beautiful cities with spectacular skylines. Mitchell Hadden, a videographer based in one of those cities, Cleveland, created this awesome time lapse video of 23 of those cities—including one in Canada—with images he shot during his travels with Fox Sports over the past year. Check it out:

h/t CBS News

Foggy Vancouver

This time-lapse video of Vancouver, British Columbia, has some of the coolest imagery of fog that I’ve ever seen (seriously, you’ve never seen fog like this).

I was pointed to this video by Aaron M. Renn, also known as the Urbanophile. If you don’t follow his blog, you should. Lots of cool time lapses as well as much more about the state of America’s (and the world’s) cities.