I believe in cities.

Policy and funding priorities at all levels of government should foster communities and build cities that are livable, sustainable, prosperous, and equitable.

I believe in a balanced transportation system.

A comprehensive transport network that accommodates all users — including transit, intercity rail, bicycling, and pedestrian infrastructure — and makes wise use of financial and environmental resources is vital to the success of cities, metropolitan areas, and the nation.

I believe in collaboration and public advocacy.

Federal, state, and local governments, alongside the private and nonprofit sectors, can and should be responsive to the needs and aspirations of every citizen and resident, ensuring access for all to educational, cultural, recreational, and employment opportunities.

I believe in being anxiously engaged in good causes.

Societal change starts at the personal and community level — and with me. Individuals and organizations have an obligation to act with conscience, not just convenience. Making the world a better place is not mere idealism: it’s desirable, it’s necessary, and it’s possible.

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Dustin Tyler Joyce
New York, 1 September 2017