Why electric cars aren’t a silver bullet

The world seems to think that electric cars are the magical solution to all the woes caused by overdependence on personal automobiles. But, as Planetizen's Brent Toderian points out, that's just not true. (And I would posit that the same arguments can be made about looking at self-driving cars as a panacea.)

The American Dream is killing us

The American Dream has been defined for several generations now as an idyllic home in the suburbs, with a car to get you everywhere you need to go. But that dream appears to be something more of a nightmare, with Americans' dependence on automobiles leading to increased rates of a variety of ailments, "all of which can impair the quality and length of life," writes Jane E. Brody at nytimes.com.

What the MTA can do to improve riders’ experiences during necessary shutdowns

The MTA is shutting down a section of the G train for 12 consecutive weekends starting Saturday, 6 July, to carry out necessary repairs. While I applaud the MTA's efforts, I offer some suggestions on what the agency can do to mitigate inconvenience to riders during this time.