NYC Ferry’s Lower East Side service: What commuters should expect

NYC Ferry boat
NYC Ferry Owls Head on the SB–South Brooklyn route leaves the landing at Atlantic Basin in Red Hook, Brooklyn, 10 June 2018.

On Wednesday, 29 August, NYC Ferry’s LES–Lower East Side service launches. The new service and two new ferry landings, at Stuyvesant Cove and Corlears Hook on the Lower East Side, substantially completes the citywide ferry service first publicly proposed by mayor Bill de Blasio in 2015.

In contrast to NYC Ferry’s new SV–Soundview service to the Bronx, LES ferries will be both more frequent and more regular, with boats departing every 25 minutes in both directions during morning and afternoon rush hours and every 40 minutes midday, evenings, and weekends:

Morning peak 22 20 25 30–60 32–39 30
Midday 30 30 40 30–60 50 45
Afternoon peak 22 20 25 30 24–39 30
Evening 30 30 40 60 50 45
Morning 45 45 40 75 50 45–58
Midday 22 24 40 25 50 25
Afternoon/evening 22 24–45 40 25 50 25–45

Overall, the two new NYC Ferry routes launched this month represent an increase in service of about 40%. Together the LES and SV routes offer 653 weekly departures, increasing weekly journeys across the system to 2,359.

Comparing NYC Ferry weekly service levels

An archive of all NYC Ferry timetables since the system’s launch is now available.

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