The new South Ferry station: repaired, reinforced, and reopened

After five years of effort and $369 million, the New York City Subway's new South Ferry station reopened to the public at noon on Tuesday, 27 June 2017. Here are photos of the restored station, repaired and reinforced against future storms.

Checking out the old South Ferry station before it closes forever

The original 1905 South Ferry station was reopened in 2013 after hurricane Sandy's storm surge devastated the new South Ferry station. I went to check out the old station before it closes — possibly forever — in the coming months.

If the MTA’s debt were a GDP …

A recent report by the Straphangers Campaign included a sobering figure: the MTA has a debt greater than the debt of 30 nations. But I wondered: what if we compared the MTA's debt to global GDPs. The answer is perhaps even more surprising.

Grand plans for D.C.’s grand station

Washington, D.C., has grand plans for its grand transportation hub, Union Station. But will they get past financial and political hurdles? The Washington Post's Steven Pearlstein examines the plans and the obstacles in an extensive online piece.

Train math

When I wanted to find out exactly how much of Greater New York's rail network I had ridden, I searched the internet for information on how big the network actually is—and discovered that no one seems to know. So I added it up. Myself. (And discovered that I've ridden 72% of it.)

My quest to ride the New York City region’s entire passenger rail network

I have a new (and, some would say, unsurprising) goal: to ride all 1,370 miles of passenger rail currently in service in the New York City region. That means the entire rail networks operated by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, New Jersey Transit, and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

What the MTA can do to improve riders’ experiences during necessary shutdowns

The MTA is shutting down a section of the G train for 12 consecutive weekends starting Saturday, 6 July, to carry out necessary repairs. While I applaud the MTA's efforts, I offer some suggestions on what the agency can do to mitigate inconvenience to riders during this time.