Updated terms & conditions effective 1 June 2017

Updated terms and conditions covering my relationship with most clients, effective 1 June 2017, are now available in HTML and PDF. Here’s what’s new or different from the previous version:

  • REVISED ¶1.B. Definitions. The definition for “in writing” now includes “or other digital means,” in addition to email.
  • NEW ¶3.D. Payments not received. This informs clients that failure to pay in full by the due date may subject clients to pay damages equal to double the invoice amount. This is a result of the new New York City Freelance Isn’t Free Act, which took effect 15 May 2017.
  • REVISED ¶6.A. Ownership of copyright. The language of this section was simplified to make it more straightforward. Language about the perpetual, royalty-free license that I retain for work I create was moved to a new ¶6.B.
  • NEW ¶6.B. Perpetual, royalty-free license. This language was moved from ¶6.A and revised to make it clearer. In particular, it notes that I may use materials I create for clients not only in my portfolio but also in blog posts or other formats, print and digital.
  • RENUMBERED ¶¶6.C–6.F.
  • NEW §7. ¶7.A clarifies that my logo and other elements of my corporate visual identity are trademarks and may not be copied without written permission. ¶7.B notes that I will provide a 15% discount to clients that allow me to include a nonintrusive logo or identifier on work I do for them.
  • RENUMBERED §§8–9.
  • REVISED ¶9.A. Choice of law. My location was updated to Jackson Heights, Queens. Because I remain in the City of New York, this doesn’t effect the other elements of this section.
  • NEW ¶9.B. New York City’s new Freelance Isn’t Free Act took effect 15 May 2017. Because I perform most of my work in New York City, this new law likely covers most or all of the work I complete for clients. This section provides basic information on the law and how to learn more.
  • RENUMBERED ¶¶9.C–9.F.
  • REVISED ¶9.E. Validity of terms. In the case of any discrepancies between versions of my terms and conditions, the current one posted in HTML at dtjoyce.com/terms is correct.
  • REVISED ¶9.F. Changes in terms. This clarifies that notifications of changes in my terms and conditions may be passive, including email signatures and posts on social media.

The latest version of these terms and conditions will always be available at dtjoyce.com/terms. Clients should always check there for any changes.

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