The new South Ferry station: repaired, reinforced, and reopened

After five years of effort and $369 million, the New York City Subway's new South Ferry station reopened to the public at noon on Tuesday, 27 June 2017. Here are photos of the restored station, repaired and reinforced against future storms.

Checking out the old South Ferry station before it closes forever

The original 1905 South Ferry station was reopened in 2013 after hurricane Sandy's storm surge devastated the new South Ferry station. I went to check out the old station before it closes — possibly forever — in the coming months.

It’s past time to finish the job

Back when I was growing up in North Carolina, our neighbors to the south flew the Confederate battle flag atop their state capitol. When I was in high school, there was increasing public pressure to remove it, with opponents of the flag arguing that it symbolizes racism, slavery, and hatred. The counterargument was always that … Continue reading It’s past time to finish the job