An enhanced and expanding portfolio

In recent weeks I have significantly enhanced and expanded my online portfolio, both on and on my Scribd page.

Here at, I have built a major new section of my portfolio highlighting my work in PowerPoint and public presentations. One of my core strengths is my ability to take abstract data and information and break it down in a way that gives it more meaning and impact for elected officials, the media, and the public. These vivid PowerPoint presentations demonstrate my success in doing so.

The page for each PowerPoint presentation features images of slides from the presentation as well as background information and related links. Each also offers a video version of the presentation so users can see the full presentation, including all animations and slide transitions, just as the original audience saw it. (These video versions are also available on my YouTube channel and, increasingly, on my Vimeo page.)

A number of materials I've created for the DollarWise campaign since 2006 are now available in my online portfolio.
A number of materials I’ve created for the DollarWise campaign since 2006 are now available in my online portfolio.

Readers will also notice a significantly expanded library of my past and current work on my Scribd page. In particular, I am nearing completion of a comprehensive review of my work for the DollarWise campaign at The United States Conference of Mayors starting in 2006. Among the items now posted are:

Look for even more in my portfolio in the coming weeks and months!

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