Building Strong Foundations

The United States Conference of Mayors

Summer 2009

Research report
Design, layout, original writing, editing, research

48 pages, full-color cover, black-and-white interior
11×8.5 inches (27.9×21.6 cm)

In 2005, The United States Conference of Mayors’ national financial education campaign, DollarWise, launched its Innovation Grants program (then called Capacity Grants), which awarded small grants—between $15,000 and $25,000—to cities across the country to bolster their financial literacy efforts. In 2009, the program celebrated its fifth anniversary and its fifth round of grants. To mark this milestone, I led a team that worked with past grant recipients to catalog the success that their grants had generated. We produced this report, which took the place of that year’s Partnerships publication and was first distributed to mayors and other attendees at USCM’s annual meeting in Providence, Rhode Island.

I consider this to be the finest single publication I produced in my time with USCM.

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