Innovations in Financial Education


The United States Conference of Mayors

2006–present (ongoing)

Annual report
Print design, original writing, editing

Eight editions
16–48 pages; 246 pages total
2005: 8.5×11 inches (21.6×27.9 cm), portrait
2006–2013: 11×8.5 inches (27.9×21.6 cm), landscape
2014: 8.5×8.5 inches (21.6×21.6 cm), square

2005–2012: full-color cover, black-and-white interior pages
2013–present: full color

Innovations in Financial Education (called Partnerships until 2014) is an annual* publication, first published in summer 2006, highlighting the activities of mayors and cities participating in The United States Conference of Mayors’ (USCM) national financial education campaign, DollarWise. Local programs profiled include applicants, finalists, and recipients in the Innovation Grants program (formerly called Capacity Grants), offered by USCM to cities meeting the pressing need for greater financial literacy in groundbreaking ways.

*Well, almost annual. It wasn’t published in 2010, and in 2009 a similar publication, Building Strong Foundations, was published in its place, celebrating 5 years of the Capacity Grants Program and looking back at the achievements of the cities that had received a grant.

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This is the most recent edition of Innovations in Financial Education, published in 2014.
Other past editions are available on my Scribd page:
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