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U.S. Mayor is the biweekly newspaper of The United States Conference of Mayors (USCM), distributed to member mayors and others across the country. It is a major source of information for mayors and their staff on USCM’s policy and programmatic work, and it was a great way to inform mayors of the program I ran, the national DollarWise financial education campaign, and to encourage them and their cities to participate.

I contributed both articles and advertisements to U.S. Mayor during my years as a consultant at USCM. This is a comprehensive list of the articles I wrote.

2006 Dollar Wi$e Capacity Grant Winners Announced
19 June 2006

Cities Prepare to Celebrate 2006 Dollar Wi$e Week September 25-30
11 September 2006, page 9

Teaching America to Spend, Save Wisely, One Step at a Time
25 September 2006, page 11

Cities Highlight Need for Financial Literacy During Dollar Wi$e Week
23 October 2006, page 9

Cities Benefit from Dollar Wi$e Capacity Grants
6 November 2006, page 11

Mayors Promote Earned Income Tax Credit
22 January 2007, page 5

2007 Dollar Wi$e Capacity Grant Winners Announced
12 February 2007, page 15

Treasury Official Iannicola Highlights Need for Greater Financial Literacy
5 March 2007, page 5

New Film “Maxed Out
23 April 2007, page 14

Dollar Wi$e Week 2007 Theme “Savings for Kids and Families” Announced
7 May 2007, page 6

Countrywide Chairman, CEO Mozilo Praises Mayors’ Work on Financial Literacy
16 July 2007, page 16

Mayors Help Citizens Learn Importance of Savings
22 October 2007, page 4

Dollar Wi$e, Citigroup Work Together to Promote Financial Literacy
17 December 2007, page 14

Charlotte Area Embraces New Transit Service, Rebuffs Challenge to Dedicated Transit Tax
17 December 2007, page 20
cowritten with Kevin McCarty

Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin Meets with High-School Students to Discuss College Plans
14 January 2008, page 12

Dollar Wi$e Grants Awarded to Santa Fe, Caguas (PR), Jackson (MS)
11 February 2008, page 20

Mayor Palmer, Trenton Host Open House on Financial Literacy, Foreclosure Prevention
24 March 2008, page 7

Santa Fe Mayor Coss Receives Dollar Wi$e Grant to Support Financial Education, Homeownership
5 May 2008, page 4

Miami-Dade County Receives Award for Affordable Housing Web Site
5 May 2008, page 4

Annual Albuquerque Women’s Conference Links Financial Skills, Physical Health, Mental Wellness
5 May 2008, page 15

Cities Gear Up for Fifth Annual Dollar Wi$e Week
11 August 2008, page 21

Irvine (CA), Savannah (GA) Reach Out to Youth, Families for Dollar Wi$e Week 2008
25 August 2008, page 18

Mayors to Residents: Yes, You Can Save
13 October 2008, page 20

San Francisco, Seattle, Omaha Receive Dollar Wi$e Financial Literacy Grants
2 February 2009, page 14

Cities to Teach Financial Literacy through Summer Youth Jobs Programs
6 April 2009, page 8

Omaha Receives Dollar Wi$e Grant for Financial Education Programs
27 April 2009, page 18

Mayors Discuss Importance of Financial Education at Dollar Wi$e Forum
29 June 2009, page 32

Helena (MT) Receives Ambassadors for Cities Award
26 October 2009

Denver, Providence Receive DollarWI$E Grants for Local Financial Literacy Efforts
1 February 2010, page 14

Kautz Highlights DollarWI$E Campaign’s Ongoing Success
28 June 2010, page 19

Mayors Host Financial Planning Days: 20 Cities Kick Off Major Dollarwise Initiative
8 November 2010, page 9

Indianapolis Mayor Ballard Hosts Financial Planning Day
22 November 2010, page 4

Mayors Receive DollarWI$E Grants for Local Financial Education Initiatives
31 January 2011, page 16