2004–05 University of Utah Honors Think Tank

Fall 2005

Full-length academic report
Layout, editing

The final report produced by the 2004–05 University of Utah Honors Think Tank, a yearlong interdisciplinary study of downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, by 14 students and 3 professors during an intense period of development and revitalization. In the second semester of the study, the group decided to focus on blocks 46 and 63, bounded by 200 South, 400 South, 500 West, and 600 West, between the historic Rio Grande Depot and the then-under-construction Intermodal Hub. This final report details the area’s rich history, describes options to make housing available to people from all social and economic backgrounds, explores the district’s ethnography, and reports on a public charette organized by the Honors Think Tank and Salt Lake City’s government.

Complete document


Final version

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