The United States Conference of Mayors

June 2013

Informational booklet
Print design, original writing, editing

8 pages, full color
8.5×8.5 inches (21.6×21.6 cm)

The 2013 edition of a booklet I first wrote and designed in 2007 to provide mayors, local government staff, and others an overview of The United States Conference of Mayors’ (USCM) national financial education campaign, DollarWise. In addition to introducing the program, The Guide gives readers information on financial education publications produced by USCM, resources and initiatives offered in conjunction with partnering organizations, and the DollarWise campaign’s grants programs. It is distributed by mail to nearly 1,400 mayors nationwide and at USCM’s major meetings in January and June each year.

Complete document

Other editions are available on my Scribd page:
2007–08 | 2008–09 | 2010 | 2012 | 2014

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