Few, if any, ancient documents continue to have the cultural, political, and moral impact of the Ten Commandments. Ten basic statements express the religious and social mores of the ancient Israelites under the watchful leadership of Moses—a code of conduct defining one’s relationship with deity and humanity that continues to shape our lives individually and collectively.

This poster, created at the request of a buyer in this shop, is beautifully printed on high-quality, heavyweight paper with a matte finish. It includes the version of the Ten Commandments accepted by most Protestants and Latter-day Saints found in Exodus 20:1–17 in the King James Version of the Bible. It is perfect for framing and display in a home, religious institution, or elsewhere.

Hebrew text reflects both the document’s Jewish heritage and the version of the Ten Commandments accepted by most Jews, which considers the phrase “I am the Lord thy God” one of the commandments. Purple—the color of Advent and Lent—highlights the Ten Commandments’ place in Christian teaching.

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